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• 100% Soap and Alkali-free  • Paraben-free  • Aluminium-free  • Alcohol-free ..
RM25.00 RM20.00

Provides 24 hours of gentle and reliable freshness Supports and protects the natural barrier functio..
RM20.00 RM15.10

Item: Sebamed Baby Care Cream (100ml)Sebamed Baby Care Cream helps to strengthen resistance..
RM50.00 RM20.70

Item: Sebamed Baby Children's Shampoo (150ml)Sebamed – Baby ShampooNo Tears! No Trouble..
RM30.00 RM13.60

Item: Sebamed Baby Children's Shampoo (250ml)- 100% soap and alkali free - Especially mild..
RM50.00 RM21.50

Item: Sebamed Baby Children's Shampoo (750ml)- 100% soap and alkali free - Especially mild..
RM80.00 RM60.50

Item: Sebamed Baby Cleansing Bar (100g)Consolidates the resistance of baby’s delicate ..
RM20.00 RM9.20

Item: Sebamed Baby Cream Extra Soft (50ml)Excellent protection of the skin against cold wea..
RM30.00 RM11.10

Item: Sebamed Baby Diaper Cream (100ml)Prevention and rapid relief of diaper dermatitis, pr..
RM50.00 RM20.70

Item: Sebamed Baby Diaper Cream (200ml)Features: - Provides effective relief from and relia..
RM80.00 RM39.40

The rich lipid complex with its candelilla and bee The protective formula prevents skin irritat..
RM20.00 RM11.30

Item: Sebamed Baby Liquid Cleanser (200ml)Soap-free formulation with the pH value of 5.5 su..
RM30.00 RM16.70

Item: Sebamed Baby Liquid Cleanser 1000ml + 200ml (FOC Baby Lotion 20ml & Diaper Cream 10ml..
RM120.00 RM66.00

Item: Sebamed Baby Lotion (100ml)Sebamed baby lotion has a ph of 5. 5 And contain natural l..
RM30.00 RM12.90

Item: Sebamed Baby Lotion (200ml)Ingredient:Aqua, Cetearyl Alcohol, Glycerin, Sorbitol,..
RM50.00 RM23.20

Item: Sebamed Baby Lotion (400ml)Baby Sebamed Baby lotion safeguards baby’s delicate s..
RM80.00 RM42.90

Item: Sebamed Baby Protective Facial Cream (50ml)The moisturizing complex prevents dryness,..
RM80.00 RM39.90

Item: Sebamed Baby Wash Extra Soft (1000ml)Unlike regular soap that can cause dryness and i..
RM150.00 RM84.70

Item: Sebamed Baby Wash Extra Soft (200ml)The very mild wash-active compound offers high ..
RM50.00 RM21.70

Item: Sebamed Baby Wash Extra Soft (400ml)Consolidates the resistance of baby’s delicate..
RM60.00 RM39.30

Item: Sebamed Cleansing Shower Oil 200mlCLEANSING SHOWER OILSoap-free conditioning shower ..

What's in the box: 1) Sebamed Teenage Care Gel 50ml 2) Sebamed Teenage Deep Cleansing Facial Toner..
RM83.10 RM77.40

Item: Sebamed Clear Face Starter Kit(1) Teenage Cleansing Liquid (50ml):    &nb..
RM27.40 RM23.00

PRODUCT FEATURES:Brand: Sebamed Type: Deodorant Form Product: Spray Size: 75 ml..
RM25.00 RM20.00

Item: Sebamed Everyday Shampoo 200mlEVERYDAY SHAMPOOExtra mild cleansing due to surfac..
RM27.40 RM22.10

Item: Sebamed Everyday Shampoo 400mlEVERYDAY SHAMPOOExtra mild cleansing due to surfac..
RM51.90 RM38.30

Item: Sebamed Feminine Intimate Wash (Sensitive) 200ml ..
RM37.70 RM27.60

Item: Sebamed Fresh Shower 200mlFRESH SHOWERSoap-free shower emulsion for daily gentle ..
RM37.70 RM27.60

For normal to dry stressed hairSebamed Hair Repair Conditioner is an important final step in hair ..
RM33.00 RM26.30

Sebamed’s SPF 30 Lip Balm, works to support & protect the natural barrier function of the skin’s..
RM20.00 RM9.80

SPF 30. Regenerates dry and chapped lips quickly and effectively, alleviating irritation and inflamm..
RM20.00 RM9.80

Item: Sebamed Liquid Face & Body Wash 200mlLIQUID FACE & BODY WASHSoap-free fa..
RM33.00 RM24.40

Item: Sebamed Moisturizing Cream For Sensitive Skin 50mlSebamed Moisturizing Cream is enriched wit..
RM37.70 RM29.10

Item: Sebamed Oily Hair Shampoo 400mlDescriptionSebaMed Anti Dandruff Shampoo for oily dandruff ..
RM37.70 RM32.50