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Health Equipment

Health Equipment
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Item: Hartmann Omniplast (1.25cm x 5m)It is elastic adhesive tapes coated with polyacrylate..
RM10.00 RM5.80
Item: HuBDIC Dotory Contact Forehead Thermometer Enhanced FS-201 (5 years warranty)5 yea..
RM180.00 RM140.00
Item: Hydrocyn Aqua Wound Wash & Irrigation (100ml) HYDROCYN aqua® is indica..
RM20.00 RM10.00
Item: Innomed Thermo+ Infrared Ear Thermometer (3 years warranty)25 Memories Probe Detector E..
RM150.00 RM138.00
Item: MedAccu Infrared Ear Thermometer ACT8000* 1s Measure Time * 10 Memory * Probe Cover Sen..
RM250.00 RM181.80
Item: Medicos Children Surgical Mask (50's)SUB MICRON SURGICAL MASK Bacterial Filtration Effi..
RM20.00 RM12.50
Item: Medisana Digital thermometer FTCWhen having a Fever or illness, it is important to know..
Key Specifications 4 different applications: TENS, EMS, DEEP, acupunture Storage of individual setti..
RM350.00 RM292.50
Product Description3 Year Local Manufacturer Warranty Highlights - With carrying strap - Oxygen s..
RM250.00 RM195.00
Accurate blood pressure measurement on the upper arm 60 memory slots for each of 4 users irregul..
RM239.10 RM175.00
3 Years Medisana Malaysia Warranty HighlightsVifit MX3 ConnectActivity and sleep..
RM250.00 RM179.00
Blood pressure & pulse measurement Clinically tested (BHS protocol) PAD technology (Pulse A..
RM188.70 RM131.60
item: Microlife BP A150 AFIB Blood Pressure MonitorMicrolife’s BP A150-30 AFIB detects dangero..
FREE ADAPTOR INSIDE!Blood pressure & pulse measurement Clinically tested (BHS protocol) P..
RM255.40 RM169.80
Item: Microlife Fan Shape Wide Range Cuff (22-42cm)- For 22 - 42cm arm circumference- Fan ..
RM80.00 RM63.00
Item: Microlife Probe Cover Free Ear Thermometer (2 years warranty)-1 sec. Measurement -Multi..
RM250.00 RM171.80
RM50.00 RM23.50
Microlife Cuff for Blood Pressure MonitorFan shaped for extended rangeEquivalent to M and ..
RM100.00 RM59.99
About the productSoft silicone tip and bulb New clear design Sterilizable with microwave ..
RM50.00 RM30.60
Sinus Rinse™ Pediatric Starter Kit Sinus Rinse™ is a natural soothing saline nasal wash. A large vo..
RM57.20 RM42.50
Item: Omnitest Plus (2 x 25's)B Braun Omnitest Plus (2 x 25's) ..
RM100.00 RM74.00
Suitable and compatible for all Omron Blood Pressure machine.Technical dataIn: AC100-240V 50/60H..
RM75.50 RM67.90
The Omron JPN600 Blood Pressure Monitor provides easy and comfortable upper arm blood pressure measu..
RM450.00 RM336.80
Omron Body Composition Monitor HBF212 (1 year warranty)Your Ideal Partner For Health & Beauty ..
Item: Omron Compressor Nebulizer NE-C801 Features* With Omron V.V.T (Virtual V..
RM350.90 RM413.20
Omron HEM-7120 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor provides easy and comfortable upper arm blood pressu..
RM225.50 RM166.00
Omron HEM6200 Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor (4 years warranty)Deluxe UnitFeatures ..
RM391.50 RM278.30
Product Details Features*Easy operation, just tap to switch on *Sleek ..
RM140.30 RM121.50
Omron MC-523 (TH839S) Instant Ear Thermometer (1 year warranty)Gentle temperature measurement fo..
RM264.20 RM196.00
Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor CuffLatex-Free: Cuff is not made with Natural Rubber LatexWide ..
RM116.00 RM95.30
OneTouch® SelectSimple™ Glucose MeterONETOUCH® SelectSimple™ Blood Glucose Monitoring meter help..
RM94.50 RM18.90
For blood glucose testing with One Touch Select Simple Meters and Systems ..
For blood glucose testing with One Touch Select Simple Meters and Systems ..
Item: One Touch Ultra Easy Meter FOC 10's Test StripsA complete testing system which Includ..
RM120.00 RM69.90
Item: One Touch Ultra Plus Flex Meter FOC 25's Test StripsColorSure™ technology instantly s..
RM150.00 RM113.40
Test on arm, where fewer nerve endings are present, or finger7 depth settings-choose the one most ..
RM50.00 RM35.00
OneTouch® Ultra™ Test Strips are for use with the OneTouch® Ultra™ Meter for quantitatively measurin..
RM120.00 RM86.20
Features:* For use with OneTouch Delica Lancing Device* Designed for comfortable testing ..
RM50.00 RM31.00
Redesigned with nasal slits - cut in the patch - for a better fit close to the nose.50 individua..
RM150.00 RM109.90
Item: Ortopad Soft Boys Regular (50's)About the productHypoallergenic adhesive..
RM120.00 RM109.90
Item: Ortopad Soft Girls Junior (50's)Hypoallergenic adhesive eye patch that lets the sk..
RM120.00 RM109.90
Redesigned with nasal slits - cut in the patch - for a better fit close to the nose.3-5/8" x 2-1..
RM120.00 RM109.90
Item: Pan-Mate Cotton Buds Drum (400's)-Suitable to use in a variety of applications includin..
RM10.00 RM4.50
Basic Quality (Extra Large)30 - 41 inches (76cm - 102cm)-Travelling-Convenience-Soft an..
RM20.00 RM6.90
Basic Quality (Medium)26 - 32 inches (66cm - 81cm)-Travelling-Convenience-Soft and C..
RM20.00 RM6.90
Basic Quality (Extra Extra Large-XXL)36 - 46 inches (91cm - 116cm)-Travelling-Conve..
RM20.00 RM6.90
Pan-Mate Pregnancy Test HCG Urine Pregnancy Test Kit1 Cassette 25mlu/ml ..
RM20.00 RM5.70
RM20.00 RM12.70
1.Philips Respironics OptiChamber Diamond (5 years - adult) withsmall mask efficiently delivers aero..
RM90.00 RM79.30
-Anti static chambercomfort and Performance combinedFor children aged 1 - 5 years ..
RM90.00 RM79.30
Pocket Air® Portable Nebulizer is powered by our patented Polyimide Mesh technology. When the m..
RM380.00 RM330.00
Item: Rossmax Fingertip Pulse Oximeter SB200 (2 year warranty)The Finger Pulse Oximete..
RM500.00 RM539.00
Item: Rossmax Monitoring CF155 Blood Pressure Monitor (5 years warranty) Movement..
RM250.00 RM187.80
item: Rossmax Nebulizer Accessory Pack Mouthpiece Nebulizer kit (N1) ..
RM80.00 RM51.00
Item: Rossmax Therapy NB80 Compact Nebulizer (3 years warranty)• Particle size created by o..
RM280.00 RM262.40
10 seconds measurement Flexible Tip Fever Alarm ..
RM50.00 RM24.00
Product details of SKINPLEX Stopbleed Dressing Pad 3's + 2's (NEW) Skinplex dressing pad contains na..
RM15.00 RM9.40
Item: Skinplex StopBleed Plastic Plaster (5's)Featuring unique pad with natural marine plant ..
RM10.00 RM5.20
1 x Smith&Nephew Elastic Cohesive Bandage 10cm x 4m roll Easifix Cohesive is a lightweight, h..
RM20.00 RM11.50
1 x Smith & Nephew Easifix Elastic Cohesive Bandage 2.5cm x 4m roll Easifix Cohesive is a lig..
RM20.00 RM6.80
1 x Smith&Nephew Elastic Cohesive Bandage 4cm x 4m roll Easifix Cohesive is a lightweight, hi..
RM20.00 RM8.00
Terumo Finetouch lancets for Terumo Finetouch and Terumo Finetouch Type S lancing device.Product F..
RM18.90 RM13.20
item: Terumo Medisafe FIT C Blood Glucose Monitoring SystemBlood glucose monitor starter kit Hig..
RM206.50 RM139.60
EXCEPTIONAL Test TIPIndividually packed Test TIPs, which are protected from environmental inf..
RM56.60 RM52.90
Wale Glamour specialises in producing exceptional personal care products within health and beauty ca..
RM15.00 RM6.20
FunctionThe pellets on these massage equipments are very helpful to relax the tens..
RM35.00 RM26.70