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Digestive Health / Weight Management

Digestive Health / Weight Management
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Formulation: Nutriose© wheat dextrin powderInvisible but powerful fiber for everyoneUsageSurbe..
RM56.60 RM35.20
Bekunis Dragees 2 x 45'sIf you've ever worried that a laxative might be too strong or the ingred..
RM30.00 RM27.10
Constipation?  Bekunis brings relief! This tea helps to soften bowels and used as an occasiona..
RM20.00 RM19.00
Item: Biogrow Digestive Enzymes 60's BIOGROW® MIXED BERRIES WITH MULTI ENZYMES&nbs..
RM39.90 RM30.90
Item: Biogrow Digestive Enzymes 120'sBIOGROW® MIXED BERRIES WITH MULTI ENZYMES contains a com..
RM69.20 RM51.40
Biogrow Probiotics 2 x 90's Free 30's EACH CAPSULE CONTAINS 3 MICROENCAPSULATED STRAINS:&nb..
RM209.00 RM153.50
Ingredients:-​Vitamin A - 2500 IU Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine hydrochloride) - 50 mg Zinc..
RM67.90 RM59.80
Item: Blackmores Lecithin 1200 100'sLecithin is an important component of all cells in the body a..
RM52.40 RM46.20
Item: BloomingCare Cranberry & Mixed Fruit Fibre with Milk Thistle Extract 20g x 15'sAbout B..
RM80.00 RM72.20
51665836ADulcolax Contact Laxative TabletsBisacodyl 5 mg / tablet Dosage:Ad..
RM20.00 RM6.10
Fleet Enema are a ready-to-use enema that is a convenient method of relieving occasional constipatio..
RM20.00 RM9.30
58783642A Designed for kids ages 2-11. Gives your child the same fast-acting relie..
RM20.00 RM7.90
Mixture of yoghurt with live culturesIngredients:Every 500mg capsule contains 5 billion CFU ..
RM107.00 RM75.50
 Formula: Each 400mg capsule contains:Fructus Garcinia Atroviridis 120mgFructus Tamarind..
RM132.60 RM112.30
Item: Hexbio Granule Probiotic 3gx10'sHEXBIO is a probiotic compound composed of 6 viabl..
RM26.50 RM21.00
Himalaya Bonnisan 120mlDescription: Bonnisan has carminative and digestive properties. Bonnisan he..
RM19.80 RM16.70
Himalaya Triphala 60'sThe prokinetic cleanserAn immensely popular Ayurvedic herbal..
RM50.80 RM39.90
The Treatment of Constipation Indication For relief of constipation. Pharmacodynamic HLP Raven Enema..
RM5.00 RM2.00
AWESOME MASSAnabolic mass building formulaAwesome MASS is a specialised weight-gainer ..
RM143.00 RM138.20
AWESOME MASSAnabolic mass building formulaAwesome MASS is a specialised weight-gainer that of..
RM143.00 RM138.20
Healthy weight managementKinohimitsu Diet Meal is a delicious, low calorie meal. It is rich ..
Item: Kinohimitsu J'pan D'tox Juice - Plum 30ml x 6's + D'tox Tea 14's Detoxification ..
RM79.40 RM78.00
Item: Lacto Care 60's Lacto Care™  Lactose Intolerance Digestive Supplement i..
RM113.20 RM98.80
What is LactoGG?LactoGG the world’s most-researched, premier probiotic strain with nearly 700 scie..
RM150.00 RM121.70
Item: Natural Factors Cal’dophilus 90'sSupplement FactsServing Size: 1 Vegetable Capsul..
RM120.80 RM98.60
Supplement Facts Serving Size: 1 Vegicap   Amount per serving F..
RM206.60 RM154.50
 About NH Vege F’bre Plus NH Vege F’bre Plus is a nutritious fibre drink f..
RM141.50 RM106.80
Item: Nutrasols Laboratories fibReNU Fruity Fibre Drink 10g x 10'sFruity Fibre Drink – Cont..
RM38.60 RM36.00
Item: Nutriforte Lactoghurt Probiotics with FOS 60'sNutriforte Lactoghurt uses a unique dual-coa..
RM93.30 RM70.60
Each capsule contains: Lactobacillus acidophilus         18 million CFU Lactob..
RM377.40 RM260.00
Item: Prima Oligo Totally Fibre 15g x 15's Product IntroductionTotally Fiber (Orange/Blackcurra..
RM93.30 RM79.20
 Ingredients:Oxxynea®, probiotics (Bifidobacterium longum, Bifidobacterium lactis), alfafa,..
RM113.20 RM91.90
Item: Smecta 30's Additional Information Direction fo..
RM56.60 RM39.40
 The Prime™ is the range of plant-based nutraceuticals that effectively address signs of med..
RM66.00 RM62.20
Item: Timo Super Fiber 10g x 10'sInformation : 10g x 10 sachets (FREE shaker & 1 sachet)c..
RM48.80 RM41.30
RM63.00 RM56.40
Made from 15 types of natural herbal ingredients, S Body provides a holistic approach to slimming wh..
RM62.50 RM52.80
Formulated with 300mg green, non-roasted Arabica coffee beans  Standardized to contain 50%..
RM250.00 RM182.00
 Vitamode® Lacidofil Capsules is a proprietary probiotic product containing two t..
RM120.00 RM76.00
CABLOC is the latest revolution to help you to reduce body weight safely with 5 key ingredients in c..
RM148.90 RM114.50
Product DescriptionFlatter tummy  Clearer and smoother skin  Improve energy level &..
RM89.60 RM75.90