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For Kids
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Appeton A-Z Kid's Vitamin C 100'sNutrition Composition Nutr..
Appeton Activ-C 60's (For 7-12 Years)  DescriptionsAppeton Activ-C is a chewable tab..
Item: Blackmores Kids Multivitamins + Minerals 2 x 60's About This ProductAs c..
RM75.80 RM63.00
Item: Champs Vitamin C Strawberry 100's Ascorbic acid or vitamin C is found especi..
RM25.80 RM24.80
Seaweed and Sea Mustard (Source of Omega-3 Fatty Acid,DHA) 100mg PS, Phosphatidylserine (Drived from..
RM60.00 RM44.90
Citrex Vitamin C 100mg is a water-soluble vitamin. It keep children’s gums stay healthy and strength..
RM50.00 RM25.90
Solve your body colour puzzles with a therapeutic approach of ColostrumColostrum is nature’s welco..
Item: Kordel's Kid's Multivitamins Plus Lysine 30's [33% Off]As a dietary supplementChildre..
RM39.10 RM26.50
Item: Kordel's Kid's Omega-3 Bites 50'sIndication: As a dietary supplement.Each chewable so..
RM171.00 RM93.70
Kordel's products are formulated and constantly reviewed to meet the needs of today's lifestyle. The..
RM30.20 RM25.00
Item: Salus Kindervital Multivitamin for Children 250mlFloradix -Kindervital is a delicious..
RM146.80 RM113.40
Seven Seas Kids Strawberry Gummies contains Vitamin A, B6 and C for healthy growth and development o..
RM12.50 RM9.60
Item: Seven Seas Kids Orange Fruit Gummies 2 x 30'sSeven Seas Kids Orange Fruit Gummies comes..
RM30.80 RM19.20
Seven Seas Kids Probiotic Multivitamin contains 12 Vitamins, 3 Minerals and TriBion Harmonis™, a u..
RM39.30 RM18.90
SHINE Cutie chewable tablet contains vitamin C, an essential nutrient as well as Lysine, which helps..
RM23.60 RM15.70
Item: Shine Growell 90'sShine Growell is a supplement formulated from traditional herb..
RM184.40 RM155.00
Item: Shine Junior Multivitamin L-Lysine 100'sFlavour : Tutti Frutti Junior Multivit..
RM47.20 RM33.60
Shine Koko Yoyo Chewable Cripsy Jelly Bean Candy 150'sKOKOYOYO S-200健腦益智150 Jelly Beans150&nbs..
RM58.30 RM51.00
Shine Koko Yoyo Chewable Crispy Jelly Bean Candy GrapeKOKOYOYO is a crispy jelly bean series ..
RM58.30 RM51.00
牛初乳盯片(Chocolate/Milk Flavour)   Each SHINE Prolostrum Chewabl..
RM56.60 RM46.40