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21st Century Children's Vapor Balm 38gHighlights  Relief from blocked nose, cough and m..
RM10.00 RM8.30
Abbott Duphalac 200mlHighlights  Contains a medicine called lactulose to treat c..
RM27.80 RM24.60
Agiolax Madaus 5g x 14'sUses: Traditionally used for constipation.Plant-based productFor..
RM28.10 RM21.30
Alucid Suspension 100ml Active ingredient:• Each 5ml contains:   Alum..
RM10.20 RM7.80
Ammeltz Yoko Yoko 48mlAMMELTZ YOKO YOKO, non-sticky liquid formula is easy to apply, provides qu..
Ammeltz Yoko Yoko 82mlSpecially formulated to thoroughly seep into affected parts, to help relie..
RM19.40 RM17.30
Arnica Comp. Gel 50gIndications: Traditionally used for minor wounds and to reduce external swel..
RM40.00 RM37.00
Item: Bonjela 15gFast acting gel for teething and mouth ulcers.  Sh..
RM19.30 RM17.70
Item: Breacol Cough Syrup for Adults 120mlBreacol Cough Syrup helps soothe sore irritated t..
 Calazite Lotion is a soothing and protective lotion for the relief of itching and discomfo..
RM13.80 RM10.00
Item: Candazole Cream 15g Description Effective treatment for athlete’s..
RM15.50 RM14.90
Item: Cerumol Ear Drops 11mlCerumol Ear Drops is for the loosening and removal of ear wax. ..
RM15.40 RM13.60
Item: Dentinox Infant Colic Drops 100mlLots of babies suffer from colic at one time or anot..
Item: Dettol Antiseptic Cream 30gFor application to the skin for use in cuts, bites, stings..
 Digunakan secara tradisional untuk:- Digigit serangga- Melegakan bengkak dan gatal..
Item: Double Prawn Brand Herbal Oil 28mlDigunakan secara tradisional untuk:- Digigit se..
Item: Drapolene Nappy Rash Cream 55gmDrapolene cream DRAPOLENE is a specially ..
Item: Egoderm Cream 25gOverviewEgoderm CreamRelieves dry, red, itchy rashes Egoder..
RM23.00 RM18.00
Item: Eno Lemon Fruit Salt 200gRelief of Indisgestion ..
Item: Esentiel Adult Diaper Rash Cream 150g Adult Needs. Adult Care. ..
RM33.60 RM27.70
Item: Euderm Cream 45g Urea 10% 45g Replenishes moisture to d..
RM16.00 RM11.10
Item: Flanil Analgesic Cream 30gRelieves muscular aches arthritic and rheumatic pain ..
RM9.20 RM7.40
Item: Flanil Analgesic Cream 60gRelieves muscular aches arthritic and rheumatic pain ..
Himalaya Diakof Syrup 100mlThe cough linctus for diabeticsAction:Combats cough: Diakof i..
Himalaya Koflet Syrup 100mlThe cough relieverAction:Combats cough:  Koflet is benef..
RM17.90 RM13.40
Iliadin® is for clearing a blocked nose caused by the common cold, sinusitis, allergic rhinitis and ..
RM22.50 RM19.90
Item: IntraSite Gel 15gIntraSite Gel is an amorphous hydrogel which promotes rapid but gent..
Item: Kangaroo Brand Eucalyptus Oil 28mlKangaroo Brand Eucalyptus Oil can be used for relie..
Item: Kordel's Ezi Cream (Glucosamine & MSM) 100g Ingredient ..
RM57.20 RM37.80
Item: Lactul Solution 100mlIndications: For the treatment of constipation and hepaticIn..
RM13.70 RM12.50
Item: Maalox Plus Suspension 180mlAct as antacid by neutralizing gastric acid and raise pH...
RM20.20 RM14.70
Item: mar plus Nasal Spray 20mlComposition: Dexpanthenol, Sea water. Free of preservatives..
RM29.10 RM21.20
Item: Marimer Daily Nasal Hygiene 100mlMarimer, a natural product, is a physiological steri..
Item: Mentholatum Deep Heating Rub 35.4g - Generate deep penetrating warmth under ..
Item: Mentholatum Deep Heating Rub 94.4g - Generate deep penetrating warmth under ..
Item: Mentholatum Deep Heating Rub Extra Strength 94.4g - Contains 30% Methyl Sali..
RM32.00 RM27.40
Item: Metsal Cream 50gHeat Rub- Non Greasy- Invisible- Non stainingTemporar..
RM25.50 RM18.40
Item: Minyak Angin Cap Kapak 56mlSejenis ubat yang mudah disimpan di rumah.Untuk kegunaan lu..
SterileIrrigate . Moisturize . SootheIncludes 3 tips (Dr. Metha's LVLP Rinse Tip, for ages 5..
RM61.80 RM55.50
NeilMed NasoGel Drip Free Gel Spray with Sodium Hyaluronate for Dry NosesUses: NasoGel provides ..
RM33.70 RM30.80
Item: New Ammeltz Yoko Yoko 46mlNEW AMMELTZ YOKO YOKO with Less Smell, non-sticky liquid fo..
RM16.00 RM13.60
Item: Optrex Eye Lotion With Eye Bath 300ml Soothes, cools and refreshes tired and..
Item: Perskindol Cool Gel 100mlPerskindol Cool gel can be used as cold therapy massage by a..
RM30.00 RM23.80
Item: Perskindol Swiss Therapeutic Classic Gel 100mlPERSKINDOL Classic Gel is suitable for ..
Item: Pil Chi-Kit Teck AunIndication: Traditionally used for stomachache, mild diarrhoea, m..
Item: Prospan Cough Syrup 100mlContents: Dried ivy leaf extrIndications: Acute catarr..
RM20.00 RM15.00
Item: Prospan Cough Syrup 200mlContents: Dried ivy leaf extrIndications: Acute catarr..
RM29.20 RM25.50
Item: Rowarolan Powder (Calcium Carbonate) 20gRowarolan Powder for the treatment of Minor C..
RM30.00 RM27.00
Item: Sanyrene Corpitolinol 60 20mlSanyrene: Efficacy with every dropSanyrene is an h..
RM48.00 RM47.10
Item: See Full Oil 52mlFor the relief of muscular aches and joint pains associated with rhe..
RM13.20 RM12.20
Item: Senokot Tablets with Senna 60'sSenokot tablets, max strength tablets and syrup all co..
Item: Sinoclear Nasal & Sinus Spray 135mlDescription: Dual-action power pump formula th..
RM51.60 RM45.60
Item: Smecta 30'sClinically indicated for: 1. Symptomatic treatment of acute diarrhoea in ..
RM60.00 RM48.70
Item: Soluwax Ear Drops 10ml  Description For softening earwax..
RM17.60 RM15.40
Sterimar Nasal Hygiene 100mlSTÉRIMAR Nasal hygiene, is a medical device and is recommended for..
RM60.00 RM40.70
Item: Sterimar Nasal Hygiene 50mlSTÉRIMAR Nasal hygiene, is a medical device and is recom..
RM28.90 RM24.50
Item: Tiger Muscle Rub 60g Short Description No Direction for Us..
Item: Tinea Skin Solution 12ml Composition :Salicylic Acid 5.0%    &..
Item: U-Lite Effervescent Granules 12's Description Reg. No.: MAL09011526X Colour: White Flavour..
RM13.50 RM11.60
Item: Wilisan Yellow Lotion 2 x 60mlYELLOW LOTION 0.4% MAL19930003XClear Orange Yellowi..
Item: Zam-Buk Ointment 18gIngredients:  Thyme oil 0.5%, colophony 2.51%, eucalyptus o..
RM12.90 RM11.50
Item: Zellox II Double Strength Liquid Antacid 100mlAn aid for the relief of gastric acidity, in..
RM18.80 RM12.30