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Why can’t your children’s immune system actively fight infections?


Your children’s immune system is made up of complex mixture of white blood cells (active immunity) and antibodies (passive immunity). The system detects a wide variety of foreign agents, from viruses to parasitic worms and kills them in order for the body to function properly.

As the children’s immune system develops slowly, they can be easily infected and exposed to episodes of diarrhoea, rashes, gastrointestinal upset, colds and flu, allergies and other immune problems. Sickness and infections are common below 6 years of age.

Therefore, you can protect your children by giving passive immunity obtained from breast milk containing colostrum. This pre-milk substance is nature’s way of providing protection for the young ones against viruses, bacteria, allergens, and toxins.

What is colostrum?

Colostrum is the first complete food available from the mammary secretion obtained within the first 24 – 48hrs hours after child birth. It provides many important biological elements and nutrients present in the mother’s blood.

Why do your children need to supplement with cow’s colostrum?

Cow’s colostrum has 20% immunoglobulin G (IgG) compared to only 2% IgG found in breast milk. Furthermore, cow’s colostrum has the same biological activity as human’s colostrum when given orally. Do remember that not all mothers are able to breast feed due to medical and physical conditions, such as inverted nipple, breast cancer, etc.


  1. Colostrum helps to develop a stronger body defence

  2. Antibodies (such as IgG) and immune factors (such as lactoferrin) help to protect your children from:
    • Respiratory infections (colds and flu)
    • Intestinal infections (diarrhoea, food poisoning, vomiting)
    • Viral infections (fever, diarrhoea, rashes)
    • Skin infections (allergies, rashes, dermatitis)

  3. Colostrum helps to promote growth and development

  4. Among the functions of growth factors:
    • Enhance wound healing
    • Promote cartilage & tissue formation
    • Stimulate muscle building / prevent breakdown
    • Benefit gastrointestinal tract
    • Control inflammations & allergies

  5. Co-factors help to promote brain power and intelligence
    • Contains DHA, lecithin and taurine for proper brain and cognitive development.
    • Benefits eye development

  6. Co-factors benefit digestive system and overall health
    • Contains galacto-oligosaccharides (G.O.S) as prebiotics to fuel the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut
    • Minimises severity of diarrhoea and intestinal upset
    • Contains calcium to strengthen structural system in children

Key & unique features

  • Contains 350mg colostrum per serving (10g)
  • Uses premium grade colostrum imported from New Zealand
  • Processed using special technique named ‘High Temperature Short Time’ (HTST) to guarantee 100% bioactivity of IgG through shelf life.
  • Contains at least 21% IgG and has 3 times higher IGF
  • Fortified with co-factors for a wholesome food approach – additions of DHA, taurine, lecithin and calcium to support growth in children.

Dosage / Directions:
Mix one sachet (10g) per 80ml water. Use only room temperature or warm water in preparation of colostrum.

Children (2 – 6 years): Take 1 - 2 sachets daily. 
Children (> 6 years): Take 2 - 4 sachets daily. 
Drink immediately after mixing.

You may mix in milk powder / milk formula for children above 2 years old.

Contraindications / caution

Pack size
20 sachets per box (1 sachet 10g)

Frequently asked questions

Q: How safe is colostrum?
A: Colostrum is a natural food that has been used for years as a food supplement.

Q: What if I’m lactose intolerant?
A: The amount of lactose in colostrum is very low. Any discomfort would more likely be a sign that colostrum is working effectively in the digestive tract, but please consult your health care practitioner for confirmation.

Q: Can I mix colostrum with drinks or beverages?
A: Yes, you may. As long as no hot boiling water is used in the preparation of beverages / drinks. You are recommended to drink it neat to ensure optimum intake of the biologically active substances from colostrum powder.

Q: Are there any side effects from taking colostrum?
A: Side effects are very rare. Due to its detoxifying nature, certain side effects may occur. It’s possible for these toxins to produce minor rashes, bowel changes or flu-like symptoms until they are cleansed from the body.

Most side effects stem from other supplements or medications that are taken with the colostrums. Consult your health professionals so that he can adjust or re-evaluate your medication needs.

Q: Why should colostrum be freshly processed (not frozen)? 
A: Quality dairy products, including colostrum, are never frozen because it changes the composition.

Q: Why do I need colostrum, as an adult? 
A: Aging process producing less immune and growth factors that help us fight off disease and heal damaged body tissue. Colostrum is the only natural source of these life-giving components.

Q: How long can my child see the results? 
A: Since colostrum is a food product, it has to be taken on a daily basis for good immunity. Results vary in different individuals. Prominent growth is noticeable after 3-6 months of consumption.

Q: Can this product be given to children below the age of 2? 
A: There is no age limit to consumption of colostrum. Mostly mothers are breast feeding their child below the age of 2, especially infants. Therefore mothers have the option to supplement these groups of age with colostrum or not.


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