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Digestive Health / Weight Management

Digestive Health / Weight Management
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Formulation: Nutriose© wheat dextrin powderInvisible but powerful fiber for everyoneUsage ..
RM60.00 RM36.30
Bio-Life AB Adult Gold Pre & Pro 30's A powder mix which ..
RM88.80 RM62.20
Item: Biogrow Digestive Enzymes 60's BIOGROW® MIXED BERRIES WITH MULTI ENZYMES&nbs..
RM42.30 RM31.80
Item: Biogrow Digestive Enzymes 120'sBIOGROW® MIXED BERRIES WITH MULTI ENZYMES contains a c..
RM73.40 RM55.70
Biogrow Probiotics 2 x 90's Free 30's “Probiotics are live microorganisms which, when a..
RM221.50 RM166.10
Item: Blackmores Bio Zinc Twin Pack 2 x 90's Blackmores Bio Zinc combines zinc wit..
RM72.00 RM61.70
Item: Blackmores Lecithin 1200 100'sLecithin is an important component of all cells in the bod..
RM55.50 RM49.00
Item: BloomingCare Cranberry & Mixed Fruit Fibre with Milk Thistle Extract 20g x 15'sAbout B..
RM84.80 RM67.30
Mixture of yoghurt with live culturesIngredients:Every 500mg capsule contains 5 billion CFU ..
RM113.40 RM80.00
Pre and Probiotics build strong immunity and healthy guts in kidsAbout Facts and Science&..
RM83.20 RM58.20
 Formula: Each 400mg capsule contains:Fructus Garcinia Atroviridis 120mgFructus T..
RM140.60 RM119.00
Item: Hexbio Granule Probiotic 3gx10'sHEXBIO is a probiotic compound composed of 6 via..
RM28.10 RM22.30
Himalaya Bonnisan 120mlDescription: Bonnisan has carminative and digestive properties, which re..
RM21.00 RM17.70
Himalaya Triphala 60'sThe prokinetic cleanserAn immensely popular Ayurvedic herbal..
RM53.80 RM39.20
AWESOME MASSAnabolic mass building formulaAwesome MASS is a specialised weight-gainer ..
RM151.60 RM146.50
AWESOME MASSAnabolic mass building formulaAwesome MASS is a specialised weight-gainer ..
RM151.60 RM146.50
Kids Biotics Probiotics 10'sKidsBiotics, a child-specific probiotic which helps to improve diges..
RM110.20 RM99.90
Healthy weight managementKinohimitsu Diet Meal is a delicious, low calorie meal. It ..
Item: Kinohimitsu J'pan D'tox Juice - Plum 30ml x 6's + D'tox Tea 14's Detoxificat..
RM84.20 RM82.70
Item: Lacto Care 60'sLacto Care™  Lactose Intolerance Digestive Supplement is the only..
RM120.00 RM101.50
LactoGG ~ The Allergies and Eczema AntidotesLactoGG's probiotic strain has clinical trials (ie, ..
RM159.00 RM126.00
Item: Natural Factors Cal’dophilus 90'sSupplement FactsServing Size: 1 Vegetable Capsul..
RM128.00 RM99.60
Cod Liver Oil is an excellent natural source of pre-formed vitamins A and D. It is ideal for individ..
RM62.40 RM48.00
Supplement Facts Serving Size: 1 Vegicap   Amount per serving F..
RM219.00 RM163.80
 About NH Vege F’bre Plus NH Vege F’bre Plus is a nutritious fibre..
RM150.00 RM118.00
Item: Nutrasols Laboratories fibReNU Fruity Fibre Drink 10g x 10'sFruity Fibre Drink – Cont..
RM40.90 RM38.10
Item: Nutriforte Lactoghurt Probiotics with FOS 60'sNutriforte Lactoghurt uses a unique dual-coa..
RM98.90 RM69.90
ISOCLEANSE- contains 9 essential herbs, proven to be safe and effective to promote and..
RM36.00 RM31.80
Oasis Pro-Fiber Drink (20 sachets x 10gm)Oasis Pro-Fiber Drink is a comprehensive Gastro-intesti..
Oasis Pro-Fiber Drink (4 x 20 sachets x 10gm)Oasis Pro-Fiber Drink is a comprehensive Gastro-int..
Each capsule contains: Lactobacillus acidophilus         18 million CFU Lactob..
RM400.00 RM294.00
Item: Prima Oligo Totally Fibre 15g x 15's Product IntroductionTotally Fiber (Orange/Blackcurra..
RM98.90 RM88.10
Features:•Support the liver’s cleansing function•Restore the healthy balance of beneficial f..
RM120.00 RM97.40
Item: Smecta 30'sClinically indicated for: 1. Symptomatic treatment of acute diarrhoea in ..
RM60.00 RM41.20
Relieve abdominal pain and bloatingThe Prime™ is the range of plant-based nutraceuticals that ..
RM70.00 RM65.90
Item: Timo Super Fiber 10g x 10'sInformation : 10g x 10 sachets (FREE shaker & 1 sachet..
RM51.70 RM43.80
PURI CLEANXBENEFITSEliminate toxins from the body Improves metabolism Triggers natura..
RM66.80 RM59.80
Item: Total Image S Body 500mg 60'sTraditionally S Body is meant for relieving accumulated ..
RM66.30 RM56.00
Item: Total Image Xlim Tummy 2 x 60's Free 60'sXlim Tummy Capsule is an all natural combina..
RM118.00 RM104.90
Probiotic: Restoring the Natural Balance.Digestive Disorder, intestinal mirobiota.  ..
RM104.20 RM76.30
CABLOC is the latest revolution to help you to reduce body weight safely with 5 key ingredients in c..
RM157.80 RM121.40
Product DescriptionFlatter tummy  Clearer and smoother skin  Improve energy lev..
RM95.00 RM80.50
Zenoctil Fat Burner 2 x 60's Free 20'sZenoctil™ is a clinically tested fat burner (thermogenic a..
RM230.00 RM194.20